Arthritis Treatment: Does Stem Cell Strategy for Osteoarthritis Actually work?

Arthritis Treatment: Does Stem Cell Strategy for Osteoarthritis Actually work?

The most frequent type of arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA), affects more than 20 million Americans. One of the greatest targets with this disease may be the knee.

Double Stemcell Halal - Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear disease involving hyaline articular cartilage. It arises because of the lack of ability of cartilage to take care of excessive breakdown.

The basic treatment method for osteoarthritis has not changed in more than Fifty years. Basically, physicians are already trained to treat the symptoms of pain and try to restore function and wait for the inexorable journey to joint replacement.

Different modalities for example physical rehabilitation, analgesics (pain-killer), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), exercises, braces, topical agents, and injections of either corticosteroids ("cortisone"), or viscosupplements (lubricants) are typical tried and therefore the doctor throws up their hands and says towards the patient "you require a knee replacement."

So essentially there is a huge void between management of symptoms and eventual surgery.

Recently, excitement has swirled round the role of regenerative medicine methods of solving the osteoarthritis conundrum. Included in this are the use of platelet-rich plasma and stem cells.

Unfortunately, this interest has already established untoward unwanted effects. The foremost is the proliferation of practitioners who have jumped about the bandwagon without the requisite training.

Second is the press hype generated by this relatively new treatment approach.

Double Stemcell Halal - An illustration recently may be the headline within an Australian newspaper, "A "MIRACLE" cutting-edge stem cell operation could have saved Sharks forward Anthony Tupou's career."

In case you are not on rugby, Anthony Tupou would be a former star within the sport. He underwent a stem cell procedure involving the use of fat-derived stem cells for any knee issue. And also this procedure has apparently resurrected his career.

Dr. Paul Annett, a sports physician, raised a fascinating counterpoint on his blog. He quite rightly pointed out that many procedures performed within the whole world of sports medicine are performed since they "might be helpful" and therefore are relatively innocuous.

Then he posits that "there are many potential reasons this action may advantageous for some patients, like the 'placebo effect', the normal fluctuation of arthritic disease or some mechanical effect of the injection itself. Anthony's knee could feel great while he had an off-season without running!

And the man then procedes to say, "The ethical supply of surrounding this is made for the proponents of this technique to execute some randomised double-blind clinical trials (the 'gold standard' of studies) to rigorously look at the relative benefits..."

And I couldn't agree more. As there is abundant anecdotal evidence that these procedures have benefit, there aren't any rigorous double-blind controlled trials. The reasons are probably two parts.